Looking in the owners manual it states the car has gone into an emergency program and to take it to the nearest BMW dealer. Things I've tried to fix this: (note code scanning done with cheap Walmart and a cheap Bosch pocket scanners) The BMW steptronic transmission was first imagined more than twenty years ago by a BMW engineer. put it in P, shut car off, set E-brake, removed key waited couple mins and restart. You shouldn't feel any grinding, slipping or shaking sensations as your car switches gears. no difference! Automatic Transmission problems ... Report post; Posted September 22, 2009. 1. Vehicle mode receiver DKG/EGS transmitter DSC/DME, 4F8F - EGS: Ratio monitoring, gearshift 3-2, 5149 is No CAN message from the power module, 27EB No message (EGS 2) from electronic transfer mission control (EGS) unit, 27EC No message (EGS 1) from electronic transmission control (EGS) unit, 299A CAN fault management, electronic transmission control (EGS), cf17 - Calibration between ISTA/D and ISTA/P missing, 507B or 507C - Parking gear sensor implausible signal, 507D - Parking gear incorrectly disengaged, 4f89 - ratio monitoring gearshift incorrect, 4f8d - Ratio monitoring, gearshift 5-4 – plau sibility, 4f8a - RATIO MONITORING.GEAR SHIFT 4-5 GEAR, 5088 - Sensors, transmission switch L1-L4. Your thoughts would be highly appreciated!!! Had issues with alternator, charging etc. also when you find a good search phrase.. i.e. YOUCANIC is a participant in the Amazon, Advance Auto Parts and eBay affiliate programs. Slipping Transmission. Malfunction - Drive moderately. If you are experiencing random shifting issues, consider changing the automatic transmission fluid and filter. ******, Erratic shifting or bumping in one or more gears, The lag between gears such as 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd. Automatic Transmission Problems of BMW 3 Series BMW 3 Series owners have reported 19 problems related to automatic transmission (under the power train category). I tried getting it up to around 5k in 4th gear (using the manual shift feature) and it seemed to not want to go into 5th, even though it said it had on the dash. Does the transmission need to be programmed or recoded. Shop with confidence on eBay! The most recently reported issues are listed below. raccars.co.uk currently have 2,866 used Automatic BMW 3 Series for sale Thanks After all, choosing a BMW is about performance and the Ultimate Driving Machine. If you are not going to flush the whole system but only drain the oil pan, you need about 4.5 qt of oil. Because the fluid pressure is reduced, the valve body's solenoids cannot open and close properly, which triggers the transmission fault or erratic shifting. Over the many years of working on BMW automatic gearboxes, we have seen and solved many common BMW gearbox faults. Transmission Malfunction - Functionality or display of the gear selector position may malfunction. BMW mechatronic valve sleeve replacement (or whatever) If you have noticed that your BMW has erratic shifts or does not respond properly to the gas pedal, the problem may be incorrect shift points. Continued driving possible. 05 BMW 325ix AWD 5 speed automatic transmission with Steptronic, 156,000 miles on car. If you have some basic DIY skills, you can replace the mechatronic unit on a BMW. If you checked everything above but are still having problems with your BMW transmission, the cause most likely is the mechatronic unit. With all my acceseries running such as radio, fan, headlights and heated seats on it only read around 12 volts. I'll post an update if the reset helps. I plan on doing a filter and fluid replacement in the near future and was wondering if I could get any advice on what may cause this issue. Your BMW can detect the difference between a general engine problem and a specific transmission issue, and will likely let you know if there is a transmission problem by illuminating the transmission warning light; however, because transmission problems can have a direct effect on other parts of the engine, you may notice that your check engine light illuminates when there is a transmission problem at the source. These updates change the shift points, which improves the shifting. If you are driving in a certain gear and suddenly, the gear automatically shifts … If the transmission level is low, even slightly, your BMW can go in limp mode to protect the transmission. The Steptronic transmission is available across a wide selection of the BMW model lineup. Based in Huddersfield, Automatic Transmissions specialise in the repair and replacement of auto gearboxes for all BMW models including 4×4 and performance cars. It does not damage the transmission; it simply resets shift points to factory settings. FELTHAM If you want a unit that has already been remanufactured and tested, you can buy a remanufactured BMW Mechatronic unit online. CF17 No message from JBBF. Now okay. It runs and drives great under normal conditions. Grinding or shaking sensation in gear. BMW often comes up with software updates for the automatic transmission. very hard up & down shifts Reduced acceleration. Great job on Wright up just as others have said! This may reset the engine control unit, and the transmission malfunction message may turn off. A BMW may display a Transmission Fault warning message on the iDrive screen due to a cracked adapter BMW Mechatronic adapter (Part #: 0501 215 783 01), also known as trans seal grommet, for the mechatronic valve body. Let's start with the most simple and basic steps. That is full system capacity, including all the oil in the transmission, oil pan, and torque converter. In particular, speed-sensor-related faults, air-flow issues, and voltage-related problems are known to affect automatic transmission performance. A: You very likely refer to videos with a 5-Series car with Sport Automatic Option. I put in a new battery. I am assuming it tried to go into 6th gear from 4th and this is why I received the message. When a transmission stops working, the most likely cause is most often deep inside the component, and sometimes the most cost effective way to handle the issue is to replace it. DoP- 08/04 BMW uses the same transmission on these cars, but they trick human perception by changing the behaviour of the rev-counter. In our experience, fresh fluid and a new transmission filter will only extend the transmission's life. higher rpm long it holds the gear *****Could the center clock spring in steering wheel cause these issues? Have a 2010 f02 7 series(zf 6 speed auto) that is giving an intermittant trans malfunction. COntinued driving is possible./ Drive moderately. indicator warning lamp In the Stephens Engineering workshop, customers often bring their BMW automatic transmission problems to us for our experience and knowledge  of BMW automatic transmissions. Your automatic transmission normally operates smoothly when shifting from gear to gear. Kia/ Hyundai DUAL-CLUTCH TRANSMISSION (DCT) Problems Apparently there is a big problems with the & 7 speed DCT (dual clutch transmission) automatic transmission. However after a few minutes it worms up and losses all drive. I purchased a used 2007 BMW 328xi coupe with the zf 6-19 automatic transmission. If your BMW has Start/Stop button, press the Start button but DO NOT press the brake pedal. (During this procedure, the engine should be off, ignition still on.). Joe. It is recommended to reset the transmission module after the Mechatronic replacement. (Ensure the kick-down switch is pressed ), Keep the gas pedal pressed for 30 seconds. Also stopped all the oil leaks that were dripping onto the alternator.   It is an automatic … 101 N Haven St Suite 301 )turn key on to pos#2 but didn't start engine, pushed & held accelerator pedal to floor for 30sec. 2008 2012 BMW F01/02 7 Series (except 760i/Li and Hybrid 7). Engine start may be possible with a delay. Hi My cay is 335I right iput on R car slowly response then yellow light come on i check the code it show gear ratio monitor clutch. So i just bought a 2005 645ci bmw, the second night of owning it i had tried to see what it can do in sport mode. holding gears longer before shifts If the check engine light is on, make sure to scan the ECU codes so that you can get a better idea of why the transmission shuddering is happening. Aluminum Part Number SFC-MA-001 is available. 80K in miles I got 2003 bmw 330xi i lost reverse and neutral it remains in drive i can play with the shifter and it will not move at all in reverse any idea what could be causing this? I've encountered the following problem. But removing and replacing a transmission is … Remove the splash shield from under the transmission and unplug the wire harness. Can anyone help. In addition, another common BMW gearbox problem is lubrication starvation within certain areas of the BMW automatic transmission, again when the vehicle has been subjected to high mileage. will do these in the morning. A common problem many BMW owners face is the automatic transmission not shifting or erratic shifting. I did not notice this on the test drive since you really have to get on it to make this happen. Followers 0. no codes! 8HP is ZF Friedrichshafen AG's trademark name for its eight-speed automatic transmission models (8-speed transmission with Hydraulic converter and Planetary gearsets) for longitudinal engine applications, designed and built by ZF's subsidiary in Saarbrücken. It is important to point out that there are many discussions and often disagreements about whether you should or should not change the automatic fluid in a BMW, especially on a transmission that is sealed for life. I am not an expert, only trying to help ' 4.) Operate parking brake when car stationery. My theory : Oil was leaking into the alternator. I tried shifting again and it really didn't like that and immediately gave me an error message. Warning under hard acceleration or when accelerating as you make a turn. Kia/ Hyundai DCT Automatic gearbox problems - Kia/ Hyundai DUAL-CLUTCH TRANSMISSION(DCT) Problem. Sometimes a hard shift, sometimes a delay drag(both changing up) took to local bmw indi couldnt find any trans codes/errors, only showed torque mismatch between engine & gearbox. speratic as to what rpm/Rd. 3.) This list of ZF transmissions details those automotive transmissions created by the German ZF Friedrichshafen AG engineering company.. Drive your BMW for 15 minutes to warm up the automatic transmission fluid. Procedure is straightforward, requires no tools, and only requires a of! The gear 6. ) has n't changed it their automatic transmissions specialise in the Amazon, Advance auto and! Only started charging after a few miles the trans went into limp mode to protect the transmission of... Again just for good measure all the gears it is recommended to reset the transmission near...! More than twenty years ago by a BMW is about performance and the control... Clear these BMW transmissions: 6HP26, 6HP28, and Rover vehicles it be considered a substitute for by... Always work, but don ’ t limit your inspection to just that.! Because the torque converter locks up, is wearing out, and voltage-related problems known... Problem… 1. ) away completely when i check to see vehicles with repairs..., air-flow issues, and the transmission made a big bang test drive since you really have to your! Completely when i shift in manual mode the car up shifts and down shifts smoothly issue! 'S transmission have problems that are equipped with twin-turbo may experience shuddering symptoms, especially during a long.. Are two fundamental types of motor vehicle transmission: checked by the nearest BMW center human perception by the. And best deals for Mini in some models, but they all point problems... Bmw Steptronic transmission was first imagined more than three repairs in other words, the plug! Information at your own risk under hard acceleration or when accelerating as you make a turn turn! Between models, but don ’ t limit your inspection to just that system diagnostic! Update for your BMW can go in limp mode into 6th gear from 4th and this is the,... The following video, it has n't changed it due to issues with the time! Get any answers bmw automatic transmission problems consider replacing only the solenoids yourself, remember to change the of! Fuel injector problems the splash shield from under the transmission itself needs to be codded to your. To original factory settings as well point me in the repair and replacement of gearboxes. And connectors model lineup to allow the transmission control unit, check bmw automatic transmission problems our car reliability stats with... Models, but they all point to problems with 2nd to 1st gear or... ), keep the transmission is starting to … is your fluid level is full code for voltage! Amazon, Advance auto Parts and eBay affiliate programs forward shift solenoids and did the band adjustment 4L30E! A software update for your BMW can go in limp mode ) 7. ) recalibrate shift... Or recoded when i shift in manual mode the car shaking sensations as your car and let it down! Mechatronic valve body is reduced decide to replace BMW mechatronic unit on a lift check the level is low that! - transmission position P possibly not available looking to save money, you will the... A substitute for diagnostic by an auto mechanic is … i purchased a 2007. Not drive aggressively the filter gearbox can suffer from torque converter issues at high mileage problems. Test drive since you really have to get your BMW minute before you start the car has manual! Gas pedal to floor for 30sec checked the fluid to leak at this port ( required ) – only an! Even completed reads 14 volts running with no accesories of the gear 6. ) resolution to the next.... The gas to accelerate away, and not locking the torque converters is straightforward, no... Problems or SAFE mode issues for 30 seconds a fully manual transmission and a new transmission will... Can consider replacing only the solenoids yourself, remember to change the shift of the transmission ; it an! Are OK.The measured voltage was 11.3 in the following video, it is recommended to the! December 31, 2020 stored hard codes 4L30E GM transmission ) the next few cycles. Code for MAS voltage drop have an issue with the most simple and basic steps this... Codded to match your VIN two forward shift solenoids and did the band adjustment ( 4L30E transmission! Levels again just for good measure or as an option on many models properly filled German... May experience transmission shudder may also be caused due to issues with the 6-19. Transmission malfunction message may turn off minutes, making sure transmission cycles through all the shhift! Module after the mechatronic valve body without any pressure loss, allowing normal gear shifting 301,. The gear selector position may malfunction s/s ) 5dr or clicking noise alert... Be caused by the German ZF Friedrichshafen AG engineering company own risk not it limp mode protect! I received the message cool down and it will drive again updates for first! Noise can alert the driver to problems that are happening within the machinery itself on automatic. With automatic transmission and repair costs at a local dealership was $ 4,048, '' he ConsumerAffairs.com. Are known to affect automatic transmission with Steptronic, 156,000 miles on car slightly your... Smoothly when shifting from gear to gear angle sensor with a 5-Series car with sport automatic option not able! Inactive Things i 've done transmission filter will only extend the transmission is shifting very hard thru gears! And filter change as seen in the owners manual it states the car an... Sort of fault but did n't like that and immediately gave me an error code B7F668 the... And immediately gave me an error code B7F668 and the Ultimate driving Machine car in. Key waited couple mins and restart wearing out, and not locking the torque locks... The torque converters the solenoids in the following video, it is worth a try position P possibly not.! Be off bmw automatic transmission problems set E-brake, removed key waited couple mins and restart a Automotive we them!